I play roughly 30 to 40 weddings each year, and year after year the most popular processional choice is Pachelbel's Canon in D .  That's fine with me because it's an awesome processional to work with.

So what makes it such a great processional ? 

Well ...

* Most importantly, The Canon is simply a beautiful and elegant piece of music . It is hard not to be swept along by it as the backdrop for such a meaningful event.

*The moment The Canon  begins to play every participant, and every guest ( especially moms, aunts,  grandmothers, sisters, etc.) are swept into the wedding mood by association.  It just embodies the beauty and romance of your whole wedding scene.

*Important for the couples who work with me, It has a simple and informal elegance on acoustic guitar...great for a more relaxed wedding.  But it is really beautiful on any instrument(s) from a full string quartet, to a violin, or harp...even bagpipes. I haven't heard it yet on Harmonica or Kazoo, but...I bet it might just work...

* Practically speaking, The Canon consists of a number of variations, each fairly short, so it is easy for the musician to stretch or shrink it for any duration, from a large wedding party down to just the bride...and still end it smoothly and on time. ( This is especially useful when your 2 year old ring bearer or flower girl decides to take an unscripted detour  )

*For those couples who want to use a personal special song, or just want to be non-traditional, I often suggest using the Canon for the entrance of the wedding party, or , maybe, at least Mothers and Grandmothers . This sets the perfect mood at the start, and satisfies the traditional guests, so that the bride can then enter to her special, perhaps non-traditional song.

So...The Canon is a great processional... and I have no doubt it'll be the song I play most again this coming year.


You can check out my acoustic guitar version of The Canon here. https://youtu.be/AtbYCV_KOMY

You can also, hear me and see some song lists and hear samples of many possible processionals on my website:

Full site: www.dwightsongs.net          

 Mobile-friendly site: www.dwightsweddingguitar.com


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Dwight Phetteplace                     dwightsweddingguitar@gmail.com 


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