If you want the special touch of live music for your ceremony, acoustic guitar is an option you should consider. After playing hundreds of weddings, I've learned how to choose the couples whose weddings I can truly enhance. I'm a bit biased, of course, but here are some reasons you might consider guitar as your ceremony instrument.



     *** If you really love the sound of acoustic guitar ...enough said.


     ***   If you are planning a more informal, maybe smaller, or less extravagant wedding...  Acoustic guitar creates a relaxed elegance. A single live performer with a guitar connects with folks in personal and direct way. And a single guitarist seems right in place within the scale of a smaller more intimate ceremony or a country themed wedding. It just fits :)


      ***  if your guest list includes a range of musical tastes... Pretty much everyone loves guitar. Even folks who wouldn't relate to a string quartet, respond to guitar. Guitar is the "people's instrument", and it is prominent in all our popular music, classic rock, singer songwriter, country...even classical.


     ***   If you might want to include a variety of musical styles, or aren't sure yet... Guitar is versatile. You can have a flowing elegant Pachelbel's Canon for the party's processional, then switch to a romantic popular love song for the bride's entrance, then an upbeat fun Zac Brown or Bruno Mars cover for the recessional. Working with a guitarist you'll have every style and mood at your disposal, so you can create the perfect music for the feeling you envision. ( and this also helps with the varied guest list mentioned above)


        ***If You have a personal, special song ( or any song) that would be best sung to highlight those awesome lyrics...In that case, try to find an instrumental guitarist who is also a singer. Guitar is one of the few instruments that can play beautiful instrumentals, and also be used to accompany singing.


        ***If Your wedding is in a unique setting. Guitar is portable ( try taking a piano up a chair lift) and a guitarist can sit on a stone wall or bench or even stand...and just fit beautifully into the scene. Often small chapels, or even formal gardens, have very limited space once the wedding party is in place, but there's always room for a guitarist.


                 ( One caveat...except for the very smallest of groups, acoustic guitar needs to be amplified to be heard, especially outside where there will be ambient noise and minimal reflection...a professional guitarist will have the equipment to handle the situation, especially if you will be someplace without electrical power, so check that. If a guitarist tells you he can be heard without amplification, be very skeptical. )


       *** If you really love the sound of acoustic guitar ...Again, enough said :)


So, those are some practical reasons you might think about acoustic guitar for your wedding.  I play all types of weddings, from church to mountaintop, backyard to ocean, and, above all else, I can tell you that most folks just simply love guitar ( with or without singing).

 But, still, there are situations where acoustic guitar is not the best fit for a particular couple.

So, if you're wondering, feel free to contact me with your questions or to set up a phone call, so we can determine whether it would be a good fit for you. I definitely don't want to work on weddings where I feel like a square peg being pounded into a round hole, so I'll give you an honest opinion.


Thanks for reading,


Dwight Phetteplace          



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