Many couples who contact me are having a hard time deciding on music for their ceremony...their processional(s) and recessional. One of the best parts of my job is helping each pair come up with the combination of ceremony music that is perfect for them.

So in today's post, I'll share some of the ceremony music choices that I played for couples this past year. Expect one or two more posts on this same topic because I have seen so many different ceremony music choices.


Here goes:


***Sarah and Derek:   Processional --Pachelbel's  "Canon in D"  

                                            Recessional-- "Here Comes The Sun"  by George Harrison


Two of my favorites. The Canon is a great processional and a great way to start the ceremony for a whole lot of reasons: See my previous post "What makes the Canon a Great Processional"                    

What Makes The Canon a Great Wedding Ceremony Song

And "Here Comes The Sun" is recognized and loved by everyone , a great guitar piece and the perfect upbeat mood for a recessional.

You can hear samples of me playing  both songs :

Hear Dwight Play Ceremony Songs


***Jessica and Brandon:  Jessica initially was considering the same two songs as the couple above, but since this couple had a large wedding party, we used two processionals, one for the party and one for the bride: 

                                                                Party Processional-- "Canon in D"

                                                                 Bridal Processional--"Can't Help Falling in Love With You"  Elvis

                                                                 Recessional --"Here Comes The Sun"


Three absolutely beautiful guitar songs...Can't Help Falling is so romantic...elegant and graceful ceremony music line-up.


***Amy and Alex: When we first spoke, Amy wanted traditional ceremony songs, while Alex was in favor of contemporary music.   Usually I assume, of course, that the bride should get her way :)...but in this case, Amy really wanted Alex to be on board with the we put together a line-up of Beatles tunes. Great solution.  Everybody knows and loves the Beatles ( Well..almost everybody...once in a while I get a "no-Beatles" couple ). Usually, though, the Beatles are an effective way to bridge the gap between traditional and modern.

                                                                Party---"In My Life"

                                                                Bride ---"Here There and Everywhere"

                                                                Recessional---"All You Need is Love /A Little Help From My Friends"


This line-up of ceremony music turned out beautifully for this couple. It was an outdoor, New England country wedding, on the informal side; which, in fact, would apply to the Bride and Groom.  So this music was spot on.


Enough for now. These were three couples' choices. All of these musical lineups worked beautifully because they fit the style and feeling that the couples wanted.

Most of the songs above can be heard at

Hear Dwight Play Wedding Ceremony Songs

In my next post, I will continue with some other interesting choices from my wedding clients.

Thanks for reading.


Dwight Phetteplace           



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