In Part 1 of this post, I shared some ceremony music choices of some of the couples I've worked with recently.

Here are a few more couples' interesting wedding music line-ups along with my thoughts. A couple of these are somewhat unusual, but they worked perfectly for the respective couples.

***Amy and Chris:    This couple wanted more contemporary music, except that Amy had always wanted to come down the aisle to "Over The Rainbow", so...

                                Party:  1000 Years ----Christina Perri

                                Bride: Somewhere Over The Rainbow ---- Alden and Harburg

                                Recessional: Count On Me ----Bruno Mars (Vocal)

The blend of traditional and contemporary flowed beautifully, as I often assure couples that it will.  The contrast between styles actually makes both stand out...kind of like complimentary colors in a visual work.

Also having a vocal recessional kind of shifts the mood up a notch after the ceremony.

***Jenn and Tyler:  We came up with a unique approach for this wedding ceremony. After the party entered to a traditional song to set the mood and satisfy the mother of the bride, Jenn and Tyler had their special song, which they wanted things to center around.

                                Party:  Canon in D

                                Bride:  First verse and one chorus of  "I'll Be" ---Edwin McCain  (Vocal)

                                Recessional:  Continuation of "I'll Be"  (Vocal)

This was only the second time I had continued the same song for both the processional and recessional.  It went beautifully...really nice flow and symmetry.

Just a note that many guests would not have recognized an instrumental version of "I'll Be", so having me sing it allowed the couple to share the lyrics, which meant a lot to them.

In general, "special songs' are often better sung.

***Megan and Jimmy:  This was one of my favorites musical ceremonies of the last couple years.  It really reflected the informal style of this couple ...and I got to sing all the songs :)

                                Party (only 4 people) :  "The One"---Kodaline  (Vocal)

                                      Then I paused the lyrics, did a short instrumental break and resumed the lyrics for                                                   the Bride's entrance

                                Bride: Continuation "The One"  (Vocal)

                                Recessional:   "Free"    Zac Brown (Vocal)

This too was awesome.  I loved the way it flowed.

One thing about a vocal bridal processional is that it takes a while to reach a good stopping this case I finished the song. So this gave Megan and Jimmy a minute or so to stand at the front, connect with each other, and drink in the beauty of what was happening.  I often think that it's a shame to rush through a wedding ceremony after so much preparation and expense. :)

OK, so those were three unique and beautiful musical programs...we created each one to fit the couple.

Some of the songs above can be heard at

Hear Dwight Play Wedding Ceremony Songs      or

Hear Dwight Sing Some Wedding Songs

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